Xin_Wei Wang

Xin Wei Wang PhD

NCI, National Institutes of Health

As Senior Investigator at the National Cancer Institute (NCI), Dr. Wang has dedicated his professional life on improving early detection, diagnosis and treatment of liver cancer for over 25 years. He is also co-Director of the Multidisciplinary CCR Liver Cancer Program, Deputy Lab Chief of the CCR Laboratory of Human Carcinogenesis and co-PI of the NCI CCR Liver Moonshot CLARITY initiative. Dr. Wang applies genome-scale technologies paired with several international collaborative initiatives and clinical studies. He has coauthored over 200 scientific articles (H-index of 74 by Web of Science) in peer-reviewed journals, including a recent study published in Cell that describes a paradigm shift approach for early detection of liver cancer. He is recipients of the NIH Director’s Award, NCI Director’s Award, and the Blue Faery Award for Excellence in Liver Cancer Research, among others. He received PhD training from New York University School of Medicine.