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Posted: 03-23-20

COVID-19 Resources & Discoveries: March Highlights

– Over the past few weeks new discoveries and resources on COVID-19 research are emerging rapidly as virologists, epidemiologists, public health officials, clinicians, editors, and other scientists and... Read More

Posted: 03-13-20

Women Making History in Infectious Disease and Global Health Research

– For Women’s History Month, we are highlighting the many inspiring women who are making history in science and medicine! From students to field leaders, across academia and industry, women scientists... Read More

Posted: 03-13-20

Coronavirus Diagnostic Virtual Hackathon Hosted by the Center for Emerging & Neglected Diseases of UC Berkeley

– In the face of the global coronavirus outbreak, the Center for Emerging and Neglected Diseases (CEND) at UC Berkeley is hosting a Virtual Coronavirus Diagnostic Hackathon from March 25–26... Read More

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Free ePanel Discussion: The Malaria Endgame

Available: April 22, 2020

This ePanel, filmed during the Keystone Symposia Conference: The Malaria Endgame: Innovation in Therapeutics, Vector Control and Public Health Tools at Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, features field leaders Gordon Awandare, Lilian M Ang’ang’o, Lemu Golassa and Fitsum G Tadesse as they discuss the current state of the field, and future directions and challenges in the fight to eliminate malaria from endemic countries.

Panelists will conclude with their suggested “one innovation” to eliminate malaria...Read More