Amol Kulkarni PhD

Howard University

Amol Kulkarni is an Associate Professor in the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences, College of Pharmacy. He is a medicinal chemist with expertise in drug synthesis and development. His current research is focused on the development of small molecules in the areas of immunology, virology, and green synthesis of medicinal agents. As part of the NIH-funded U19 grant, the Kulkarni group is currently developing compounds with potent anti-Ebola activity and low toxicity. In addition, Dr. Kulkarni is investigating the pathophysiology of inflammation-associated disorders such as Alzheimer’s disease, type-2 diabetes, and atherosclerosis. This line of research aims to discover small molecules that improve therapeutic outcomes of inflammation-associated diseases, which disproportionately affect the minority populations. In collaboration with Prof. Joseph Fortunak in Department of Chemistry at Howard University, he has developed a green route for the chemical synthesis of antimalarial drugs piperaquine and amodiaquine. This technology, now being used in Africa, allows for large-scale production of these drugs while significantly reducing the waste generated during synthesis. Dr. Kulkarni’s research has resulted in two patents and numerous research publications. He has trained over 30 Pharm. D. students and two postdoctoral researchers. 

In addition, Dr. Kulkarni teaches several courses in Pharm. D. and PhD program including Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Anions and Cations in Biological Systems, and Organometallic Chemistry in Drug Synthesis. He has implemented innovative techniques such as, “Flipping the Classroom” that stimulate active learning and students’ in-class participation. He was the Keystone Symposia Fellow for year 2015 and has received “Professor of the Year” award from the College of Pharmacy in 2012, 2013, and 2018. He is also the recipient of Howard University Faculty Senate Award for “Outstanding Contributions to Africa and African Diaspora”.