New Insights into the Biology of Exercise

Date: January 3, 2020

Time: 01:00PM - 02:00PM

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Exercise science has entered a new age — where exercise is recognized beyond the arena of athletic performance, to its critical role in maintaining health and preventing disease. In our modern culture of sedentary lifestyle, chronic diseases like diabetes, heart disease and many others are striking earlier in life, as our systems start to fail without adequate activity. Now researchers are uncovering the many mechanisms behind the widespread beneficial effects of exercise, and how to leverage these discoveries to prevent and treat diverse diseases.

This VKS ePanel features field leader and meeting co-organizers of the upcoming meeting “New Insights into the Biology of Exercise,” which will be held March 1-5 in Keystone, Colorado. Their discussion highlights many exciting new horizons in research and medicine, including:

  • Anti-aging effects of exercise
  • Protective effects against diabetes, neurodegenerative disease, depression & more
  • Exercise as a more powerful intervention than pharmaceuticals against various diseases
  • Fundamental mechanisms behind how exercise supports cellular, tissue & organ functions, across systems
  • New tools and technologies to enable these discoveries

Join us to explore this new era in exercise physiology, from molecular to clinical frontiers.

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