Suresh Mahalingam PhD

Griffith University

Suresh Mahalingam is a viral immunologist, with a particular interest in the pathogenesis and treatment of viral-induced inflammatory diseases. He is a NHMRC Senior Research Fellow and Professor at Griffith University in Australia. He has made numerous advances in our understanding of viral inflammatory diseases. He discovered a novel viral IFN evasion strategy via antibody-dependent enhancement. Perhaps his greatest achievement has been the large body of work over 15 years identifying mechanisms in alphavirus musculoskeletal disease. His discovery of interplay between viral infection and bone homeostasis has led to understanding of how arthritogenic alphaviruses cause joint disease. His contribution to fundamental research is complemented by clinical and translational ‘spin-offs’ supported by highly productive collaborations with clinician-scientists and commercial partners. This led to the identification of drugs to treat viral-induced inflammation, which has entered clinical trials. He has received numerous awards and honours from major Australian funding and research bodies.