Martina Rembold PhD

EMBO Reports

Martina Rembold is senior editor at EMBO Reports responsible for manuscripts in the area of Autophagy, Post-translational Modifications & Proteolysis, and Protein Quality Control among others.

Martina joined EMBO Reports in September 2015. After her undergraduate studies in Vienna, Martina worked on histone modifications during mouse embryonic development in the lab of Christian Seiser. She received her PhD from EMBL Heidelberg where she studied optic vesicle morphogenesis in medaka fish with Jochen Wittbrodt. For her postdoctoral work she went to Maria Leptin's lab at University of Cologne and focussed on Drosophila gastrulation and on the role of Snail family genes in mesoderm and neuroblast development using genome-wide technologies.