Jeremiah Okoro Ijomanta MS

National Veterinary Research Institute

Dr. Ijomanta, Jeremiah, DVM MSc (PhD Candidate) received his DVM from Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria and his Masters in Veterinary Public Health and Preventive Medicine. He is currently undergoing his PhD program at the same University. His research includes serological and molecular surveillance of swine influenza virus in pigs and human in Nigeria. The research work is focused on the surveillance of the various subtypes of influenza circulating in pigs, avian and humans at the various levels of interactions. The current work focuses on RISK-BASED ONE HEALTH APPROACH ASSESSMENT OF ZOONOTIC SWINE INFLUENZA IN NIGERIA. Dr. Ijomanta believes that enhancing genomic diversity will bring novel perspectives to the scientific community and help bridge the gap between animals and humans. He aims to address the practical issues affecting our communities with respect to infectious diseases with particular interest in animal and human influenza. He is working towards becoming a principal investigator on large-scale influenza research projects both in Nigeria and Internationally.