Dominique Mieguim Ngninpogni MD

University of Yaounde

I am a PhD Student currently working on bio-Ecology of malaria vector’s mosquitoes in Mvoua, a forested area of Cameroon as a RSMTH 2018 small grant awardee. Since its known that changes occurring on mosquito vector populations can impede the efficacy and effectiveness of taken measures in many malaria endemics settings, My research interest is to improve and update data on malaria vector species richness and abundance, their biting and resting behavior, Human-biting rate (HBR), aggressively cycle, infection status to Plasmodium sp, their susceptibility to insecticides used in public health and the genetic mechanisms involved.

As a Biologist, I am multidisciplinary. I also work as a Rufford foundation small grant awardee on the understanding of the Influence of seasonal variation in the abundance, distribution and condition factor of twelve endangered endemics Cichlids fish from Barombi Mbo, Crater Lake (Cameroon). The aim is to put into place well-managed fisheries so, conservation.