Chun Peng, PhD

York University

Dr. Chun Peng is a professor in the Department of Biology, York University. She received her PhD from the University of Alberta in 1993 and completed her postdoctoral training at the University of British Columbia. Dr. Peng joined York University in 1995 and is currently a Tier 1 York Research Chair in Women’s Reproductive Health. Dr. Peng’s group is interested in how microRNAs and growth factor signaling networks regulate reproduction. Major research programs in her lab include: 1) Role of transforming growth factor-beta family and its modulating microRNAs in placental development and pregnancy complications, such as preeclampsia; 2) regulation of zebrafish follicle development and oocyte maturation by the transforming growth factor-beta superfamily; and 3) Integrative functions of growth factors, cyclins and microRNAs in ovarian tumorigenesis. Dr. Peng has served as a panel member for the Canadian Institute of Health (CIHR) and Natural Science and Engineering Research Council (NSERC) and is currently an associate editor for two peer-reviewed international journals. She is a recipient of a Women’s Faculty Award from NSERC (1995-2000), a Premier’s Research Excellence Award from Ontario Ministry of Energy, Science & Technology (2001-2006), and a mid-career award from CIHR/Ontario Women’s Health Council (2005-2010). Her research is funded by CIHR and NSERC.