Bingjie Hu

Eli Lilly and Company

Dr. Bingjie Hu is a Senior Research Scientist in the Computational ADME (Absorption, Distribution, Metabolism and Excretion) group of Drug Disposition at Eli Lilly and Company. She is currently leading a cross-functional team in evaluating, developing, and applying artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques for predicting ADME/Tox endpoints and PKPD modeling. Besides that, Dr. Hu also serves as ADME project leader that integrates in silico models, in vitro and in vivo data, PBPK modeling and multi-parameters optimization strategies to drive drug discovery projects from hit to candidate. Before joining Lilly, Dr. Hu finished a postdoctoral fellowship at Merck & Co. at West Point, PA. Her postdoctoral research focused on developing computational models and visualization tools for the discovery of associations between drugs, targets, and in vitro/in vivo adverse effects. Dr. Bingjie Hu earned her Ph.D. in Computer-Aided Drug Design and M.S. in Applied Mathematics at Purdue University. She also holds a B.S. in Biology. Bingjie Hu, PhD | Senior Research Scientist, Drug Disposition, Eli Lilly and Company |