Virtual Access Recap:
2019 Stanford-Penn Cardiovascular Research Symposium

Welcome to the Virtual Access Recap website for the 2019 Stanford-Penn Cardiovascular Research Symposium. Through a partnership with Stanford Cardiovascular Institute, Keystone Symposia recorded on video a select number of presentations and discussions from the meeting. With this partnership, we hope to extend the reach and impact of this event to the broader scientific community.

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About the Stanford-Penn Cardiovascular Research Symposium

Advances in research and technology now afford us the unique opportunity to develop and test novel diagnostics and therapeutics. This conference takes advantage of the collective experience and expertise of our speakers in drug discovery. A broad range of policy, research, and venture topics are covered.

Speaker List:

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About Virtual Access Recap

Virtual Access Recap is a Virtual Keystone Symposia (VKS) initiative that is designed to provide access to digital content derived from a partner conference. It leverages digital media to extend the reach of the event. It furthers Keystone Symposia’s mission to provide access to compelling content to the broader scientific community.

About Keystone Symposia

Keystone Symposia is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization founded in 1972 that convenes 50-60 open, international scientific research conferences each year across the full range of the life sciences – from cardiovascular disease to immunology to neurobiology. The conferences accelerate life science discovery by bringing together and fostering collaboration among the world’s leading and next generation of research scientists.

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