Poster Abstracts - Z118


Insights into the ER-mitochondria contact sites using protein interaction assay BioID

Identification: Aaltonen, Mari

Pathophysiology of mitochondrial spinocerebellar ataxias in iPSC-derived neuronal cells

Identification: Äänismaa, Riikka

Bax-mediated mitochondrial membrane restructuring

Identification: Ader, Nicholas

Mitochondrial dysfunction is the key detrimental factor in the development of acute insulin resistance

Identification: Ahn, Ji Yun

Loss of mitochondrial protease YME1L in the muscle leads to fiber type switch and metabolic dysfunction

Identification: Ahola, Sofia

MicroRNA-210-3p improves the survival potential of adult mouse cardiac progenitors

Identification: Alonaizan, Rita

Age-dependent asymmetric apportioning of mitochondria during division determines cell fate

Identification: Amaral, Ana

CHCHD2 deficiency leads to mitochondrial dysfunction in human neuroblastoma SY-SY5Y cells

Identification: Amo, Taku

Studying Barth syndrome’s pathomechanism using high throughput screens in yeast

Identification: Antunes, Diana

Mitochondrial dysfunction in cholesterol accumulated infected macrophages: Mycobacterium tuberculosis factors mediate persistence

Identification: Asalla, Suman