Does an X or Y Make a Difference For the Heart?

Date: January 18, 2018

Time: 02:00AM -

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One in four women will die of heart disease, making it the #1 killer of women by far (in comparison one in 40 women will die of breast cancer). Many cardiologists don’t know this. Many practitioners outside the cardiac field don’t know it. And certainly many lay people don’t know this surprising statistic.

Filmed in front of the attendee audience at Keystone Symposia’s 2018 conference on “Heart Failure: Crossing the Translational Divide,” which was organized by Drs. Yibin Wang, Joseph A. Hill and Carolyn Lam, this dynamic ePanel broadcast will explore a wide range of questions, including:

  1. Why does the Y chromosome make such a difference for heart disease?
  2. What types of heart conditions seem to have a different incidence in women versus men?
  3. To what extent do sex hormones, biochemistry and genetics play a role in these differences?
  4. Can our understanding of sex differences provide insights into protective mechanisms that might guide the development of new therapeutics?
  5. What is the role of exercise and mitochondrial function?
  6. Which are the best animal models to study these sex differences and how do we make basic research more sex-based so we can better understand the distinctions in how men and women develop cardiovascular disease and respond to therapies?

In this production, the panelists first present their research on sex differences in heart disease for approximately five minutes apiece. These brief presentations are followed by a lively panel discussion with audience Q&A.

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VKS Insights: Heart Failure: Crossing the Translational Divide

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