Poster Abstracts - Z118


The expression of Pink1 and parkin in the mouse uterus during the estrous cycle

Identification: Cho, Minha

Characterization of the human translocase of the mitochondrial inner membrane (hTIM22)

Identification: Chojnacka, Katarzyna

MCL-1 directly binds with Cisd2 and regulates mitochondrial metabolism

Identification: Chuu, Chih-Pin

Mechanism and regulation of homotypic fusion between outer membranes

Identification: Cohen, Mickael

Suppression of Biased mtDNA Inheritance by Overexpression of a RNA Nuclease

Identification: Corbi, Daniel

Live imaging of mitophagy in Drosophila

Identification: Cornelissen, Tom

Lymphatic endothelial S1P promotes mitochondrial function and survival of naïve T cells

Identification: Dixit, Dhaval

Mitochondrial cristae changes in insulin-secreting INS-1E cells as reflected by 3D super-resolution dSTORM microscopy

Identification: Dlasková, Andrea

Increased mitophagy and mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) turnover in defects of mtDNA maintenance associated with severe neurodegenerative disease: towards new therapies

Identification: Dombi, Eszter

MTP18 maintains mitochondrial morphology and cellular homeostasis

Identification: Donnarumma, Erminia