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The Challenges of a New Vaccine for a New Disease

‐ Jan 14, 2021 9:15am


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Leo OzurumbaDwight
1/13/21 12:34 pm

Greeting of the day Dr Pirofski. I think with regards to the challenges to new Covid19 vaccines, some key issues are: 1) Policy challenges for clinical trial an need to adhere, to ensure safety of participants an patients in study. This also helps to ensure that the results from the clinical trials are authentic and can be trusted as having passed the hurdles or failed. Human lives are involved. 2) Patience from vaccine developers is required. 3) The Research team to conduct the trials have to work hard to get the trust of the communities and states in which they hope to.get participants and patients to enrter into the clinical trials. 4) Then other issues like getting ethical clearance, working to ensure the effective vaccine is also very safe, get right storage conditions for the vaccines based on the temperature demand for each, and need to engage Biosafety level 3 in laboratory where the Sera of Covid19 patients are collected for extractions, purification and storage of isolated components to be used in vaccine discovery process. Your presentation will surely tackle these issues. Wrm regards. Leo Ozurumba-Dwight