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Rapid Selection, Characterization and Clinical Development of Fully‑Human Antibodies Against Emerging Infectious Diseases

‐ Jan 13, 2021 9:30am


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Leo OzurumbaDwight
1/13/21 10:05 am

Good day sir. Nice study sir, by your research team. My questions and suggestions within it. 1) Kindly shed light on advantages of using fully human antibody, over humanized antibody in manufacturing of Antibody based drugs. Does this scenerio hold in Antibody drug technology ? 2) After rapid selection of fully human antibodies, is it necessary to purify and concentrate it, to optimize quality and safety of the drug ? 3) How does the technology involved here, take care of ADE antibody dependent enhancement to support it's safety ? Thank you sir. Warm regards. Leo Ozurumba-Dwight Walden University MN

Leo OzurumbaDwight
1/13/21 10:25 am

Sir, I suggest that your impressive research team incoporate concepts in your fully human antibodies that: 1) Enssures it negates antibody dependent enhancement of disease (ADE) and stretch the serum half life to support long term duration of conferable protection. This may include appropriate engineering of possibly Fc portion of the antibodies to support this. 2) Makes it difficult to enhance development and emergence of escape mutants of the original Sarscov-2. This will require some manipulative engineering tests on possibly incubated original Sarscov-2 in presence of determined Ab levels in-vitro, with in vivo tests on animal models to see the effect from the emerged vaccines when challeged with escape mutants from such assays. Other convenient methods by your study team to find out this, will be good. This will help determine the ability of the fully human antibody to shrug-off the most common mutants of the authentic Sarscov-2. Thank you and warm regards to your nice commendable team. Leo Ozurumba-Dwight Walden University MN US leoozurumbadwight@gmail.com. leo.ozurumba@waldenu.edu

Leo OzurumbaDwight
1/13/21 11:36 am

Sirs, it also appears that the rapid identification within 5 to 10 days of availability of antigen for panning, to identify potent mAbs can sloppy engage availability of large antibody libraries. This supports quick response I commend your research team sir. Wrm regards. Leo Ozurumba-Dwight