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Combating COVID‑19: Identifying a Potential Drug Candidate for Human Testing in 90 Days

‐ Jan 13, 2021 9:15am


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Leo OzurumbaDwight
1/13/21 9:59 am

Good day sir, Dr Bo. Nice work by your team. Please, do this mutations being observed in Srascov-2 have to do with just natural selection without any influence from anywhere to elicit the gene mutations ? My question stems from. fact that you can induce mutation in laboratory by placing the virus under certain conditions of effect from determined levels of an anti-viral agent for specific period of days,and the mutant escapes from it's original Sarscov-2 form. I need your information to help clarify this based on your first hand o obserrvations. We have varying degrees of mutations of Sarscov-2, from little to moderate to pronounced extents of mutations. Will developed Vaccines remedies, be affected in functionality and safety ? Are there documented evidences to show that any of these variations affect nature of moleclues presented at the membrane surfaces of the spikes projecting from Sarscov-2 virus ? I suggest that your team look into methods to reduce number o days from 90 dayrs to something in the range of 60 days through algorithm aided or supported identification and selection process or other good methods that aids rapid identification, especially when we are in a pendemic situation of tough challenges like Covid19.. I commend your team's efforts on this research and output. Nice work. Warm regards. Thank you. Leo Ozurumba-Dwight Walden University MN US