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Confluence of a pandemic with climate change and the results of deforestation

In this talk I will address the confluence of a pandemic with climate change and the results of deforestation, with a perspective of a scientist from the Amazon Region as a spokesperson. I will explore my role as part of COVID-19 Response Committee of the Federal University and the interactions with M.Ds. who are in the forefront of treating the pandemic in Acre. Then, I will present the successful collaboration we set with the Public Ministry of Acre to use the Internet-of-Things to expand a network of inexpensive air quality sensors that have proven to be very useful to document the extension and human exposure to high levels of smoke. I will also present some examples of the analysis of near real-time imagery of fires and deforestation in the region. Finally, I will focus on what we can do and the role of science and education to tackle this multi-hazard crisis.

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