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A looming ape-malaria pandemic

About 228 million cases and 405,000 deaths due to malaria were reported by World Health Organization in 2018. Malaria in humans originated from apes. Apes harbour several other malaria parasites that can potentially spill over into humans with time. This can loom into a pandemic. There is an urgent need to protect people from malaria vectors that can transmit such parasites from infected apes. A one-time exercise of screening houses around forests, with mosquito mesh and trapping any mosquitoes that may enter houses shall be done with an extension to other areas. Research participants shall be supplied with soap and face masks to curb Covid-19 and sustainability shall be done by house-owners. Participating in the e-symposium will make my research work and University College visible to a large audience. University students, staff and the community shall be protected from infective mosquito bites because they live within Kaimosi forest.


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