Speaker Abstracts - Z318


Protein Aggregation and Pathways of Toxicity

Identification: Aguzzi, Adriano

Translational Challenges in Neuroscience Drug Development

Identification: Balice-Gordon, Rita

Antisense Oligonucleotide-Based Therapies for Neurological Diseases

Identification: Bennett, C.

Central and peripheral apoE4 in cognition and dementia

Identification: Bu, Guojun

Contribution of Aging of Selective Autophagy to Neurodegeneration

Identification: Cuervo, Ana Maria

Jump Around, Jump Around: Transposable Element Activation in Tauopathy

Identification: Frost, Bess

Critical role of microglia in modulating tau proteostasis and toxicity

Identification: Gan, Li

The prion protein is embedded in a molecular environment that modulates transforming growth factor β and integrin signaling

Identification: Ghodrati, Farinaz

Genomic Approaches to Dissect Innate Immunity in Neurodegeneration

Identification: Glass, Christopher

Genetic Studies Implicate Microglial Function in Alzheimer's Disease Risk

Identification: Goate, Alison