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Frequently Asked Questions

Introducing Keystone Symposia's eSymposia Conference Series

Keystone Symposia’s eSymposia virtual meetings bring together global research leaders and rising stars in a particular field to discuss the latest research advances and directions, while broadcast live to global audiences.

Key Features:

  • Like our in-person conferences, these virtual meetings feature a Keynote Lecture, Panel Discussions and Short Talk Presentations showcasing cutting-edge, emerging and unpublished research.
  • Live Q/As where registered participants can submit their questions via the Digitel platform (similar to an online chat room), to be answered by speakers and panelists in real-time.
  • Discussion Forums to extend the conversation on specific session topic, as well as to connect with fellow meeting participants.
  • Job Postings to connect viewers with new job opportunities in industry, academia and other life science sectors.
  • Journal editors and contact information to facilitate the publication process.
  • Expanded features coming soon, including virtual ePoster Sessions, Career Round-Tables and more!

Altogether, eSymposia virtual meetings, and associated resources, help to connect the global research community with the latest biomedical advances, tools and technologies, and even more importantly, with each other, to catalyze and accelerate life science discovery and innovation towards clinical impacts.

These virtual events also democratize the dissemination of science, by eliminating travel and minimizing costs to participate in global research meetings. With these digital technologies we are able to engage global audiences, giving scientists from limited resource settings and remote locations the rare opportunity to present their work and network with global research leaders. Fostering such diversity and inclusion in both virtual and in-person meetings is part of Keystone Symposia’s core mission, and eSymposia virtual meetings are a key part of this vision.

Join us for an upcoming eSymposia virtual meeting!

How do I register?

Register on the event webpage with your name, email address, and credit card information (where applicable) anytime prior to or after the event. You may watch live on the day of the event, or the recording will be available anytime thereafter on-demand.

How do I login on the day of the event?

When you register for the event, you will be asked to create a login and password for the Virtual Keystone Symposia platform (if you have not already done so to access other VKS free content). On the day of the event, sign into your account with this login information by clicking or tapping “Log In” button in the top-right corner of the window, and then click the “Join Session” button on the event page up to 30 minutes prior to the event start-time.

What if I accidentally close my browser or sign out during the event?

No problem! You will not need to login again. Navigate to the eSymposia event page and click or tap the “Join Session” button.

What if I have schedule conflicts that day, can only attend half the event, etc.?

The event will be recorded, and available on-demand in its entirety after the event (usually no longer than one week after the event) so you may watch it at your convenience, and as many times as you like to refresh your memory or study a particular talk.

Can I ask speakers questions? How do the live Q/A sessions work?

YES! The digital media platform offers a live chat function where you may submit questions for the speakers in real-time. At the end of each session, speakers will view the questions submitted and answer to the live audience as they would in an in-person Q/A session. You may also submit questions for the live Q/A, as well as seed discussions, on Twitter via the event hashtag.

In addition, each session will have a dedicated discussion forum, for extended Q/A and conversation on the topic with both the speaker, as well as other audience members.

How is an eSymposia different than a webinar?

While webinars offer informational content, eSymposia provide more interactive experiences where participants can connect with each other and spark fruitful discussions and collaborations that will impact their research, and the field, long after the event.

Through live Q/As, Discussion Forums and other interactive features, participants can not only discover the latest science, but also contribute to dynamic and insightful discussions to expand on the content and ideas presented. All participants can view and contribute to these forums, throughout and after the event, providing a diversity of expertise and perspectives to foster innovative collaborations and new research directions.

Additional features such as Job Postings, Journal Editor contacts and more, provide essential networking and career-development opportunities for participants to advance their careers.

In addition, eSymposia provide a snapshot of the state of an entire field, encompassing many different perspectives, rather than featuring a single person’s view of a topic.

eSymposia programs are specifically designed to include speakers from basic science, clinical research, industry, government, and other diverse viewpoints, to generate a comprehensive and integrated picture of the field. In addition, by providing a mix of voices, from field leaders to rising-stars, programs showcase expertise alongside novel approaches, techniques and directions that will innovate the field.