Below are references mentioned during the roundtable discussion.  These items include scientific articles, abbreviations, news articles, panelists affiliations and other related content.


Workshop Summary: Business Engagement in Building Healthy Communities

Theresa Wizemann, Rapporteur

Workshop Summary: Applying a Health Lens to Business Practices, Policies, and Investments

Theresa Wizemann and Darla Thompson, Rapporteurs

Workshop Summary: Supporting a Movement for Health and Health Equity - Lessons from Social Movements

Alison Mack, Alina Baciu, and Nirupa Goel, Rapporteurs

Vitamins for the 21st Century - Valuing design as a tool for primary prevention

Jocelyn Widmer, Nirupa Goel, and Alina Baciu

Communities in Action - Pathways to Health Equity

James N. Weinstein, Amy Geller, Yamrot Negussie, and Alina Baciu, Editors

AIA's Design and Health Initiative, American Institute of Architects