Heewon Jung MD, MSc

Korean Advanced Istitute of Science and Technology

Heewon Jung, MD., is an Enrolled Technical ResearchPersonnel, PhD candidate at the Korean Advanced Institute of Science andTechnology (KAIST), doing researches on skeletal muscle regeneration andintestinal regeneration using animal injury models. He received education andtraining at Seoul National University, and Seoul National University Hospital.During his training of internal medicine and clinical geriatrics, he built manydescriptive evidences on physical frailty in older people of South Korea. Hehas been involved in establishing several observational and interventionalcohort studies regarding frailty in South Korea. In 2016, he cofounded theDynamicPhysiology, a startup company developing research tools for biomedicaltranslational researches and clinical researches. He has received scholarshipsand awards including the Global PhD fellowship from the National ResearchFoundation of Korea (NRF), Young researcher's grant from the Korean GeriatricSociety (KGS) in recognition of his efforts to perform challenging studiesregarding aging issues of South Korea.