Poster Abstracts - Z118


Actin polymerization stimulates dynamics of both the inner and outer membrane during mitochondrial division

Identification: Chakrabarti, Rajarshi

Regulation of mitochondrial hyperfusion by ULK1-dependent sensing of amino acids

Identification: Chan, Edmond

ROS1 oncogene orchestrates mitochondrial stress to cell metabolism, tumor microenvironment and metastasis in oral squamous cell carcinoma

Identification: Chang, Yu-Jung

The critical function of NME3 in mitochondrial dynamics and adaptation to glucose starvation revealed by a neonatal defect carrying homozygous mutation

Identification: Chang, Zee-Fen

Zika virus protein NS4B modulates mitochondrial morphodynamics during the infection

Identification: Chatel-Chaix, Laurent

Assaying the role of mitochondria dynamics during dehydration/rehydration of yeast cells

Identification: Chen, Chang-Lin

Arginine modulates the mitochondrial function via mTOR-TEAD4 axis in prostate cancer cells

Identification: Chen, Chia-Lin

A Vesicles trafficking between cytoplasm and mitochondria

Identification: Chen, Chun-Hong

FUNDC1-mediated mitophagy regulates mitochondrial quality and quality

Identification: Chen, Quan

The CMRD gene SAR1B regulates mitochondria metabolism in skeletal muscle

Identification: Chen, Xiao-Wei