Poster Abstracts - Z118


A role for Mfn2 in astrocyte perivascular repair following brain injury

Identification: Bergami, Matteo

Dissolving the traffic jam – how cells counteract the blockage of mitochondrial protein entry gates

Identification: Boos, Felix

PGC-1alpha drives an onco-metabolic program to limit prostate cancer aggressiveness

Identification: Bost, Frederic

MitoRibo-Tag mice to study the mitochondrial ribosome in vivo

Identification: Busch, Jakob

Ceramide-induced Mitochondrial Damage in Diabetic Retinopathy

Identification: Busik, Julia

TIM29 is a subunit of the human mitochondrial carrier translocase, required for protein transport

Identification: Callegari, Sylvie

Testing therapeutic strategies in MERRF: boosting mitochondrial biogenesis is not enough

Identification: Carelli, Valerio

Enlightening Precision Medicine: Identification of mitochondrial DNA mutations on stroke patients

Identification: Carvalho, Filipa

Mitochondrial Akt Regulation of Hypoxic Tumor Reprogramming

Identification: Chae, Young Chan

Longevity associated mitochondrial metabolites in hair regeneration

Identification: Chai, Min