Speaker Abstracts - C717


Targeting Tim-3 in Cancer

Identification: Anderson, Ana Carrizosa

Apoptosis Regulation and Immune Suppressive Programs in Tumor-Conditioned Monocytes

Identification: Bronte, Vincenzo

Monitoring Inflammation in Cancer by Multi-Plex in situ Imaging

Identification: Coussens, Lisa M.

Radiotherapy Needs To Go Viral To Increase Responses To Checkpoint Inhibitors

Identification: Demaria, Sandra

Mechanisms of Protective Tumor Immunity

Identification: Dranoff, Glenn

Tumor-Intrinsic Mediators of T Cell-Inflamed Versus Non-Inflamed Tumor Microenvironment

Identification: Gajewski, Thomas

Adoptive T Cell Therapy with TCR-Engineered T Cells

Identification: Greenberg, Phillip D.

Micro-and Nanotechnologies for Personalizing Cancer Immunotherapy

Identification: Heath, James R.

Combining Lymph Node Targeting Cancer Vaccines with Systemic Immunotherapy to Recruit an Innate and Adaptive Attack Against Established Tumors

Identification: Irvine, Darrell J.

Vaccine Based Combinatorial Immunotherapy Can Convert Pancreatic Cancers into Immunologic Diseases

Identification: Jaffee, Elizabeth M.