Speaker Abstracts - Z118


Protein Biogenesis and Architecture of Mitochondria

Identification: Pfanner, Nikolaus

Link between Lipid Synthesis and Transport to Mitochondria

Identification: Prinz, William

Post-Transcriptional Control of Mitochondrial Function

Identification: Rugarli, Elena

Functionalizing the Unannotated Mitochondrial Proteome

Identification: Rutter, Jared

mTOR and Lysosomes in Growth Control

Identification: Sabatini, David

Mitochondrial Motility

Identification: Schwarz, Thomas

Localized accumulation of autophagosomes at axonal hillocks depletes axons from damaged mitochondria

Identification: Scorrano, Luca

Mitochondria 101: Mitochondrial Interaction Network

Identification: Shoubridge, Eric

Metabolic Basis of Mitochondrial Disease

Identification: Suomalainen, Anu

Quality Control of Mitochondrial Complex I

Identification: Trifunovic, Aleksandra