Poster Abstracts - C518


Augmentation of PD-1 immune checkpoint blockade through the combined administration of a HER2 viral vaccine to direct T-cell and B-cell responses against a credentialed oncogenic driver gene

Identification: Hartman, Zachary

Agonism of the CD137 co-stimulatory pathway synergizes with the Listeria monocytogenes-based immunotherapy, axalimogene filolisbac, to promote durable tumor regression in a murine HPV+ tumor model

Identification: Hayes, Sandy

Functional HPV16-specific tumor-infiltrating T cells express PD-1 but not Tim-3 in oropharyngeal cancer microenvironment

Identification: Hladikova, Kamila

TIGIT checkpoint blockade by mAb EOS884448 restores T cell effector functions and displays anti-tumor efficacy

Identification: Hoofd, Catherine

Disruption of the AHR signaling pathway enhances IL-17 production but negatively impacts proliferation of transgenic TCR and CAR T cells

Identification: Hooper, Kathryn

Combination of chemotherapy and cytokine facilitate adoptive transferred effector T cells homing to the core of metastatic tumors

Identification: Hu, Jiemiao

Multiplex immuno-oncology panel for standardized cancer profiling of the immune status based on the spatial and functional characterization in the tumor microenvironment

Identification: Huss, Ralf

Activation of tumor associated mast cells suppresses the growth of breast carcinoma

Identification: Ilarraza, Ramses

IL-6 dependent myeloid derived suppressor cells induced by lymphodepleting chemotherapy limits the efficacy of adoptive T cell therapy

Identification: Innamarato, Pasquale