Poster Abstracts - C518


Use of TCR diversification in peripheral blood as a pharmacodynamic biomarker for immunomodulatory agents in oncology

Identification: Davis, Craig

TIM-3 regulates cDC1 function and response to chemotherapy in breast cancer

Identification: de Mingo Pulido, Alvaro

Small Molecule Enhancers of Oncolytic Immunotherapy

Identification: Diallo, Jean-Simon

The coupling of MDSCs with a computational analytic method to detect solid tumors

Identification: Dominguez, George

Characterizing NK cell Response to Cytokine Combinations

Identification: Dong, Shilan

Agonist immunotherapy restores dysfunctional T cells following MEK inhibition and improves therapeutic efficacy

Identification: Dushyanthen, Sathana

Epigenetic modifications upregulate PD-1, CTLA-4, TIM-3 and LAG-3 immune checkpoint genes in breast tumor microenvironment

Identification: Elkord, Eyad

Development of cell-based bioassays to advance individual and combination immunotherapy

Identification: Fan, Frank

Enhancing tumor antigen presentation with complement targeted liposomes

Identification: Francian, Alexandra

Regulatory B10 Cell Depletion Inhibits MC38 Colon Cancer Growth In Vivo

Identification: Fujisawa, Yasuhiro