Speaker Abstracts - S218


Challenges and Opportunities in Emerging Disease Detection

Identification: Koopmans, Marion

A Strategy for Developing a MERS Camel Vaccine in order to Protect Humans

Identification: Lowenthal, John

Animal Models of Ebolaviruses

Identification: Marzi, Andrea

Universal Influenza Vaccines

Identification: Poon, Leo

Broadly Protective Influenza Vaccines: Protection Against Mismatched Strains

Identification: Ross, Ted

Novel Strategies to Improve Vaccine Yield

Identification: Tripp, Ralph

From SARS to SADS: EIDs caused by Bat Coronaviruses

Identification: Wang, Linfa

Urban Arboviruses: History, Evolution and Mechanisms of Emergence

Identification: Weaver, Scott

Evaluation of Live Attenuated Vaccines for Dengue and Zika Viruses (and their Challenge Models)

Identification: Whitehead, Stephen