Speaker Abstracts - S218


Targeting the SREBP-Dependent Lipidomic Reprogramming by Virus Infection for Broad-Spectrum Therapeutic Intervention

Identification: Yuen, KY

Immune Responses in MERS-CoV Infected Mice and Humans

Identification: Zhao, Jincun

Rapid Response Strategies to Control Emerging Coronavirus Infections

Identification: Baric, Ralph

Tailoring the Avian Host Immune Response for Enhanced Vaccine Production

Identification: Bean, Andrew

Host Factors Required for Alphavirus Infection: The Identification of Mxra8 as an Entry Receptor

Identification: Diamond, Michael

Zoonotic Influenza Viruses from China: An Increasing Pandemic Threat?

Identification: Guan, Yi

MERS-Coronavirus: From Discovery to Intervention

Identification: Haagmans, Bart

Human Ebola Virus Disease Pathogenesis Revealed by Multi-Platform ‘Omics Analysis

Identification: Kawaoka, Yoshihiro

Zika Vaccine Development Strategies for Emergency Preparedness

Identification: Rao, Raman

Structural Studies to Guide the Development of Broadly Reactive Antibodies Against Ebolaviruses and Lassa Virus

Identification: Saphire, Erica