Speaker Abstracts - Z418


The genetic and population architecture of aged human microglia: role in accelerating Tau pathology and cognitive decline

Identification: De Jager, Philip

Imaging microglia in humans

Identification: Owen, David

Towards a dynamic quantitative understanding of how microglia keep the brain clean

Identification: Peri, Francesca

Fighting Alzheimer's Disease by Unleashing the Innate and Adaptive Immune Cells

Identification: Schwartz, Michal

Cholesterol metabolisms as key regulator of phagocyte function during remyelination

Identification: Simons, Mikael

Regulation of Inflammation after Stroke by Macrophages and Regulatory T Cells

Identification: Yoshimura, Akihiko

Astrocyte-Microglial Communication in Developmental Synapse Remodeling

Identification: Molofsky, Anna Victoria

Interaction between Neurons, Phagocytes and T Cells in Neuroinflammation

Identification: Merkler, Doron

Microglia Contribution to the Propagation of Abeta Pathology

Identification: Meyer-Luehmann, Melanie

Neural Stimulations Modulate the Formation of Immune Cell Gateways into the CNS

Identification: Murakami, Masaaki