Speaker Abstracts - Z418


The genetic and population architecture of aged human microglia: role in accelerating Tau pathology and cognitive decline

Identification: De Jager, Philip

Single-Cell Mass Cytometry Reveals Molecular Signatures of Inflammation in Contrasting Models of Neuroinflammation versus Neurodegeneration

Identification: Ajami, Bahareh

The Power of ONE: Immunology in the Age of Single Cell Genomics

Identification: Amit, Ido

T Cell Entry into the CNS: How Myelin Is Presented

Identification: Becher, Burkhard

TREM2, Microglia and Neurodegeneration

Identification: Colonna, Marco

Regulation of the Blood-Brain Barrier in Health and Disease

Identification: Daneman, Richard

In vivo Analysis of Phagocyte Phenotypes and Effector Function

Identification: Kerschensteiner, Martin

Interaction between Neurons, Phagocytes and T Cells in Neuroinflammation

Identification: Merkler, Doron

Astrocyte-Microglial Communication in Developmental Synapse Remodeling

Identification: Molofsky, Anna Victoria

From Bone Marrow to Brain: How Myeloid Cells Can Enter the CNS

Identification: Priller, Josef