Speaker Abstracts - Z318


Loss of TREM2 Function Increases Amyloid Seeding but Reduces Plaque-Associated ApoE

Identification: Haass, Christian

Genomics and Pathways to Neurodegeneration

Identification: Hardy, John

Effects of ApoE in Tau-Mediated Neurodegeneration

Identification: Holtzman, David

Modeling and Drug Screening of AD Using Patients-Derived iPSCs

Identification: Huang, Yadong

Dendritic Ca2+ Signaling in Substantia Nigra Dopamine Neuron Subpopulations

Identification: Khaliq, Zayd

Mechanisms of Synapse Loss Revealed by Proteomic Analysis of Post-Synaptic Density in Tauopathy Mouse Model

Identification: Sheng, Morgan

A Systems Biology Approach to Understanding ALS Pathogenesis in iPSC-Derived Motor Neurons

Identification: Thompson, Leslie

Transcriptomic Analysis of Postmortem Human Brains during Neurodegeneration at Single-Cell Resolution

Identification: Tsai, Li-Huei

Dissecting the role of cerebrovascular dysfuntion in brain aging

Identification: Wyss-Coray, Tony

A Novel Mechanism for Memory/Synaptic Dysfunction in Tauopathy.

Identification: Xu, Huaxi