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Virtual Keystone Symposia is an initiative to extend the reach and impact of life-science research to broader audiences worldwide, via digital media technologies. With open-access video content that draws audiences and speakers from around the world, we provide a platform for all scientists to share their work and ideas, and for all audiences to access cutting-edge research.

By curating these high-quality scientific resources and engaging diverse voices from across the globe in conversations at the forefront of biomedical research, we aim to seed innovation and collaboration across scientific and cultural boundaries to drive biomedicine forward in new and transformative directions.

The VKS platform is an invaluable resource for the global scientific community:

  • provides global scientific audiences with the latest scientific advances and frontiers from Keystone Symposia meetings and beyond.
  • enables the inclusion of diverse voices and global perspectives to shape biomedical conversations and directions towards a future that serves all of humanity.
  • generates a diverse, inclusive and dynamic online community to engage in solving scientific, medical and global health challenges through cross-disciplinary and innovative approaches.

ePanels – These panel discussions and live Q/A sessions feature scientific thought-leaders as they address compelling scientific and global health questions. Topics cover cutting-edge research advances, tools and directions, as well as big picture conversations at the intersection of research, medicine and society.

SciTalks – Free, on-demand scientific presentations featuring field leaders and rising stars across a wide range of biomedical disciplines, highlighting the latest research advances and directions.

ePrimers – Similar to SciTalks, these scientific presentations provide a bigger picture view, reporting on the state of an entire field, rather than an individual’s research project. These presentations provide an excellent background for up-and-coming scientists entering the field, as well as established researchers interested in expanding their perspectives beyond their field of expertise, to venture into cross-disciplinary collaborations.

eSymposia – Similar to our in-person meetings, these one-day virtual meetings feature Keynote Lectures, Panel Discussions and Short Talk presentations showcasing cutting-edge and emerging research from global leaders and next-generation scientists. These live events also strive to provide essential networking opportunities that Keystone Symposia meetings are known for, through interactive forums including Q/A discussions, breakout discussion chat-rooms and ePoster sessions, where participants can connect with each other to explore new ideas, collaborations and job opportunities. These events enable researchers from around the globe to participate in events that they would not be able to attend in-person. Find out more (link to What is an eSymposia page)

Virtual Recaps – For select in-person meetings, VKS provides a collection of recordings covering meeting highlights to extend the reach of important scientific topics and advances to the online community. These collections are made available for viewing shortly after the event for those who were not able to attend.

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