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Global Priorities in Vaginal Health: Microbes, Mucosal Immunity and Interventions

November 10-12, 2021
*Program is in development and subject to change

Bonus Content

Vaginal Microbiome Primer: Organizer Insights from Cape Town

This eSymposia builds on the conversations and insights initiated at the 2018 Keystone Symposia on The Role of the Genital Tract Microbiome in Sexual and Reproductive Health, held in Cape Town South Africa. Catch up on where we left off regarding the state of the field and future directions with the organizer insights video below, which gives a recap of conclusions from the meeting. Discover new insights into diverse topics, including:

  • How to define “optimal” vaginal microbiota
  • Microbial community changes that lead to bacterial vaginosis
  • Impact of bacterial communities on HIV acquisition risk, and other STIs
  • Vaginal dysbiosis and inflammation in disease pathogenesis and preterm labor
  • Genetical tract immunology and the microbiome
  • Potential for therapeutic interventions aimed at correcting or preventing dysbiosis in the context of bacterial vaginosis, STIs and pregnancy.

One year after the Cape Town meeting, we reconvened these field leaders via the Virtual Keystone Symposia platform, to discuss recent advances in the field. They addressed new discoveries and therapeutic insights with global audiences during the live broadcast, and set the stage for further discussion. View the open-access event below for updates on the trajectory of the field, and to prepare yourself for these conversations during the upcoming eSymposia!