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Cancer Stem Cells: Advances in Biology and Clinical Translation

May 19-21, 2021 | 8:00AM EDT | 12:00PM UTC | 2:00PM CEST*
*Program is in development and subject to change

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Editor at this meeting
Daniel Klimmeck, The EMBO Journal -

Recently published articles related to this meeting

Wnt and Src signals converge on YAP‐TEAD to drive intestinal regeneration
Oriane Guillermin, Barry J Thompson and colleagues

5‐Fluorouracil efficacy requires anti‐tumor immunity triggered by cancer‐cell‐intrinsic STING
Jingru Tian, Jun Lu and colleagues

Direct interaction of β‐catenin with nuclear ESM1 supports stemness of metastatic prostate cancer
Ke‐Fan Pan, Kuo‐Tai Hua and colleagues

Genome‐wide cooperation of EMT transcription factor ZEB1 with YAP and AP‐1 in breast cancer
Nora Feldker, Fulvia Ferrazzi, Thomas Brabletz, Simone Brabletz and colleagues

Micropeptide CIP2A‐BP encoded by LINC00665 inhibits triple‐negative breast cancer progression
Binbin Guo, Siqi Wu, Xun Zhu, Liyuan Zhang, Yifeng Zhou and colleagues

LncRNA HAND2‐AS1 promotes liver cancer stem cell self‐renewal via BMP signaling
Yanying Wang, Pingping Zhu, Jianjun Luo, Jing Wang, Zhiwei Liu, Runsheng Chen, Yong Tian, Zusen Fan and colleagues

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