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Tuberculosis: Science Aimed at Ending the Epidemic

December 2-4, 2020 | 10:00AM EST | 3:00PM UTC*
*Program is subject to change

Cell Press

Who we are

Cell Press publishes over 50 scientific journals across the life, physical, earth, and health sciences, both independently and in partnership with scientific societies. Our story began over 45 years ago with the journal Cell and a commitment to publishing exciting biology. Today, we are bringing our editorial excellence, commitment to innovation, unparalleled reach and visibility, and passion for advocacy to all areas of scientific exploration as we work to publish and share science that inspires.

Why submit to Cell Press?

We inspire future directions in research by nurturing and supporting scholars and practitioners in all scientific disciplines with passion demonstrable in everything that we do. We provide an editorial experience that is insightful, fast, and fair; and deliver innovations that drive science forward.

Our teams understand science and actively collaborate with authors to ensure their paper is robust and compelling, giving them the best possible outcome for their research. We innovate to enhance discoverability, put research in context, and make it more actionable. Global visibility ensures that important research is read, used, and talked about. Engagement in the community and advocacy supports the value of science.

Editors attending this meeting

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Salvatore Fabbiano

Salvatore Fabbiano received his Ph.D. in Physiology at the University of Salamanca, Spain, where he studied signaling pathways involved in the development of cardiometabolic diseases in the lab of Xosé R. Bustelo. He then conducted his postdoctoral research in the lab of Mirko Trajkovski at the University of Geneva, Switzerland, focusing on immunometabolism and host-microbiota homeostasis in metabolic disease. Driven by a broad interest in scientific research, he joined Cell Metabolism as scientific editor in July 2018 and moved to Med in November 2019. Salvatore is excited by the opportunity that Med represents to bring together diverse voices across the clinical and translational space to create a journal that shapes the medicine of tomorrow. When he’s not thinking about science, Salvatore is often found in local theaters and bookstores.

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Sara Hamilton

Sara brings her love of biology and her expertise in open access publishing to Cell Reports Medicine after five years as a Scientific Editor at Cell Reports. She received her PhD in biochemistry from Western University, where she studied the contribution of the microenvironment to cancer progression. Sara conducted her postdoctoral research in immunology in Toronto, where she focused on autoimmunity and host immune responses to pathogens and tumors. Her goal for Cell Reports Medicine is to bring together scientists and clinicians to foster deeper engagement between these communities and to strengthen the growth and development of both ends of this research spectrum. Sara envisions a broad journal that is inclusive and adaptive in scope, selective in terms of quality, and that has a strong voice that advocates for the societal impact of the work it publishes.

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Kusumika Mukherjee

Kusumika earned her PhD from the University of Utah, US, where she studied the gene editing tool zinc finger nucleases (considered the "big brother" of CRISPRs) and worked on establishing a method to capture the off-targets generated by the nucleases. She then moved to Massachusetts General Hospital/ Harvard Medical School for postdoctoral research, to apply CRISPRs towards generating zebrafish models to study genes implicated in craniofacial malformations, specifically cleft palate. Kusumika joined Cell Press as the Editor of Trends in Pharmacological Sciences (TIPS) in May 2018 after her postdoctoral research.

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Catarina Sacristán

Catarina Sacristán is the Editor-in-Chief (EiC) of Trends in Immunology. She received her PhD in immunology from Tufts University, followed by postdoctoral research in Mexico, and then at NYU. She also did a stint in cardiovascular research at a biomedical engineering firm. She enjoys thinking about immunology, genetics, signaling, imaging, virology, metabolism, neuroscience, cancer, therapeutics, and more. She came to Cell Press from The Journal of Experimental Medicine and has worked in publishing since 2014. She was EiC of Trends in Molecular Medicine (2015-2018); Acting EiC of The Lancet Haematology (Jan-Jul 2018); consulting editor for Trends in Biochemical Sciences and Immunity, as well as a guest editor at Cell. She cherishes spending time with her family, is a movie buff, and loves to read, write, ski, horseback ride, skate, dance, and listen to music.

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