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Tuberculosis: Science Aimed at Ending the Epidemic

December 2-4, 2020 | 10:00AM EST | 3:00PM UTC*
*Program is subject to change

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EMBO Molecular Medicine
EMBO Molecular Medicine is the top open access journal in the field of experimental medicine dedicated to science at the interface between translational and clinical research and basic life sciences. The journal publishes research papers as full-length Articles, short Reports and Resource articles. In addition, the journal publishes Editorials and Reviews in innovative formats that target a broad and non-specialized audience, as well as News & Views, Opinions and Commentaries. The editors welcome original studies performed in cells and/or animals provided that they demonstrate evident human disease relevance, and encourage submissions of first-in-human studies and analyses of patient samples. Submit a manusript for consideration!

Editor at this meeting
Zeljko Durdevic, Scientific Editor
Zeljko received his PhD from the University of Heidelberg / German Cancer Research Center, where he investigated the function of DNA methyltransferase 2 uncovering that this enzyme plays important roles in innate immunity, stress responses and genome stability. He carried out his postdoctoral research in the laboratory of Anne Ephrussi at EMBL, where he focused on the role of the RNA helicase Vasa in germ cell lineage homeostasis and genome stability. Zeljko joined EMBO Molecular Medicine as a Scientific Editor in January 2020.
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Tuberculosis research published in EMBO Molecular Medicine

Concise gene signature for point‐of‐care classification of tuberculosis
Jeroen Maertzdorf, Gayle McEwen, January Weiner 3rd, Song Tian, Eric Lader,, Ulrich Schriek, Harriet Mayanja‐Kizza, Martin Ota, John Kenneth, Stefan HE Kaufmann

Human isotype‐dependent inhibitory antibody responses against Mycobacterium tuberculosis
Natalie Zimmermann, Verena Thormann, Bo Hu, Anne‐Britta Köhler, Aki Imai‐Matsushima, Camille Locht5, Eusondia Arnett, Larry S Schlesinger, Thomas Zoller, Mariana Schürmann, Stefan HE Kaufmann, Hedda Wardemann

An allosteric inhibitor of Mycobacterium tuberculosis ArgJ: Implications to a novel combinatorial therapy
Archita Mishra, Ashalatha S Mamidi, Raju S Rajmani, Ananya Ray, Rajanya Roy, Avadhesha Surolia

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