Vera Regitz-Zagrosek PhD

University Medicine Berlin

Cardiologist and founder of the Institute of Gender in Medicine at Charite, Berlin, and of the International Society Gender Medicine (IGM). Coordinator of 3 gender-related European projects, EUGENMED - Roadmap to Gender implementation in Biomedicine, EUGIM -European Curriculum in Gender Medicine, and GENCAD - Gender in coronary artery disease. Coordinator of the DZHK partner site Berlin, PI in BMBF project Gender and Age. Coordinator of first DFG Training and Research groups on Sex and Gender in heart failure, 2001 -2015, and the pilot project “Gender Medicine” (BMBF). Task Force Leader and guideline coordinator on “Cardiovascular Diseases in Pregnancy” of the European Society of Cardiology in 2011 and 2016-18. Focus of work: sex- and gender specific mechanisms in cardiovascular diseases. Honorary doctorate of the Medical University of Innsbruck.