Marion Koopmans PhD

Erasmus Medical Centre

Professor Marion Koopmans, DVM, PhD focuses on global population-level impact of rapidly spreading zoonotic virus infections, with special emphasis on foodborne transmission. Her research focuses on unraveling the modes of transmission of viruses among animals and between animals and humans, and the use of pathogenic genomic information to unravel these pathways and to signal changes in transmission or disease impact.

She is scientific coordinator of COMPARE, a large H2020 funded project (20 MEuro), exploring the potential uses of next-generation sequencing techniques for outbreak detection and tracking ( ), and co-PI in the FP7 funded PREPARE project ( ) aimed at building a pan-European operational network for rapid and large-scale European clinical research in response to infectious disease outbreaks with epidemic potential.

She is director of the WHO collaborating centre for emerging infectious diseases at Erasmus, and Scientific Director “Emerging infectious diseases” of the Netherlands Centre for One Health ( ). She has received the Infectious disease award of the Dutch Association for Infectious Diseases and is the recipient of the Stevin Premium 2018 ( She has co-authored >500 papers that have been cited > 25.000 times.