Chiaka I. Anumudu PhD

University of Ibadan

I am an associate professor in the University of Ibadan, Nigeria, from where I got the PhD in Cellular Parasitology in 1999. For more than 13 years after that, my research activities were in the area of immunopathogenesis and molecular epidemiology of simple and severe malaria in endemic settings in south west Nigeria. I am currently interested in translational research approaches for the control of schistosomiasis, especially in the context of co-infection with malaria; in addition to my interests in the genetic host-pathogen interactions. I have been working on the characterization of polymorphisms of inflammation genes from schistosomiasis associated bladder pathology cases from Nigeria in comparison with urothelial bladder cases from Spain.
Our previous proteomics work involved analyzing human urine samples from 49 volunteers. A total of 1306 proteins, and 9701 unique peptides were observed, and 54 human proteins were found to be potential biomarkers for schistosomiasis and bladder pathologies (Onile et al., 2017; Adebayo et al., 2018). Due to the interesting biomarkers identified from these proteomic and microbiome studies, we are currently engaged in a research collaboration to repeat the studies and validate the results with a larger sample. Further work may be of interest in a follow-up collaboration to assist in the comparative analysis of the effectivity of each of the 54 identified biomarkers for the diagnosis of schistosomiasis. We are also beginning work on the epigenomics of urinary schistosomiasis.