Discovering and optimizing antibody therapeutics against cancers with synthetic antibody libraries

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Discovering and optimizing antibody therapeutics against cancers with synthetic antibody libraries

Hong-Sen Chen, Shin-Chen Hou, Hung-Pin Peng, and An-Suei Yang*

Genomics Research Center, Academia Sinica, Taipei, Taiwan

*Corresponding Author

Antibody-based therapeutics are rapidly becoming the major class of biopharmaceuticals treating diverse diseases in humans; there are critical needs of an effective antibody discovery platform for developing novel antibody therapeutics/diagnostics. We have developed antibody discovery platform with the core technology based on the phage-displayed synthetic antibody libraries1,2, which are designed with bioinformatics extracting knowledge from natural antibody repertoires1~3. The effectiveness of the technological platform has been demonstrated in developing tumor cell-specific antibody therapeutics: synthetic antibody repertoires can be advantageous over natural antibody repertoires in generating antibodies suitable for target-specific cancer cell-killing, for which the efficacy is determined with the adaptor systems specifically coupled with the synthetic antibody repertoires in high throughput cell-based assays4. These results show that the synthetic antibody libraries, coupled with the adaptor systems, constitute an effective technological platform capable of engineering novel and optimal antibodies as therapeutics against cancers in humans.

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