Characterization of Organelle Stress in C. elegans Tauopathy Models

Identification: Gildea, Holly


Characterization of Organelle Stress in C. elegans Tauopathy Models
Holly K. Gildea and Andrew Dillin
University of California, Berkeley, Helen Wills Neuroscience Institute, Berkeley, CA
Human tauopathies exhibit hallmarks of cellular stress response induction. The C. elegans model system provides a genetically tractable and high throughput system for genetic manipulation of this system. Expression of human mutant tau in the C. elegans model system causes decreased lifespan and motor dysfunction, as well as the accumulation of phosphorylated tau. However, the phenotype of organelle stress responses in these worm model tauopathies is not well characterized. I am evaluating the activation of organelle stress responses using fluorescent reporters and functional stress tolerance assays in order to dissect the interactions between tau accumulation and cellular dysfunction. Increased understanding of the interplay between these stress responses and tau-induced phenotypes will elaborate our model of downstream functional loss in disease conditions.


Credits: None available.

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