Characterization of tumor infiltrated myeloid cells

Identification: 2006


Characterization of tumor infiltrated myeloid cells

Shih-Wen Huang1,2, Yae-Huei Liou1, Yein-Gei Lai1 and Nan-Shih Liao1,2

1 Institute of Molecular Biology, Academia Sinica, 115, Taipei, Taiwan

2 Molecular and Cell Biology, Taiwan International Graduate Program, Academia Sinica,

During tumor progression, various types of immune cells infiltrate tumor and interact with tumor cells to constitute the tumor microenvironment. To dissect the immune cell populations in tumor is crucial, for elucidating the mechanism of tumor development, immune cell function and targets or strategy for prognosis and immunotherapy. Compared to the clear lineage markers in lymphoid populations, such as B cell, T cell, NK cell and NKT cell, myeloid cell populations lack clear exclusive markers and consistent analysis methods. However, myeloid populations, including pro-inflammatory tumor-associated macrophage 1 (TAM1), anti-inflammatory TAM2, myeloid-derived suppressor cell, dendritic cell and other granulocyte, all play influential role in tumor progression. We use an orthotopic breast cancer model to improve the analysis strategy for tumor-infiltrated myeloid populations.


Credits: None available.

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