RIKEN Ageing Resource Data Project: Single cell transcriptome of mice

Identification: Terooatea, Tommy W.


RIKEN Ageing Resource Data Project: Single cell transcriptome of mice

Tommy W. Terooatea1, Jen-Chien Chang1, Matteo Guerrini2, Tsukasa Kouno1, Yasutaka Motomura2, Naoko Satoh-Takayama2, Katsuyuki Yugi2, Sidonia Fagarasan2, Kazuyo Moro2, Hiroshi Ohno2, Ichiro Taniuchi2, Piero Carninci1, Kosuke Hashimoto1, Aki Minoda1

1RIKEN CLST-DGT and 2RIKEN IMS, Yokohama, Japan

Bulk analyses of high-throughput genomic and proteomic technologies have produced invaluable publicly available data on ageing. However, these data are limited in terms of accurately defining cellular states, development and disease state.Single-cell omics on the other hand help overcome these obstacles and promises greater understanding of cellular processes. Consequently, we are currently generating several publicly shared datasets of single cell RNASeq in mouse. We present here our initial single cell transcriptomic results produced from various tissues taken at different ages of the mouse. One aspect of our analysis will be to determine whether we observe dynamic evolution of cells in heterogeneity throughout ageing, which may reveal key regulatory pathways that are gradually deregulated during ageing.

We will also present our plan to carry out additional single cell omics analyses that include ATAC-seq (open chromatin regions), DNA methylation and nanoCAGE. Furthermore, bulk studies using ribosome profiling and metabolomics profiling will also be generated. Taken together, these data will help us better understand the overall genomic and epigenomic landscape changes taking place during ageing and we hope that these will serve as invaluable resources for the scientific community.


Credits: None available.