Community Empowerment With Tuberculosis Free Village/Kampong Bebas Tuberkulosis Concept in Urban City of Jakarta Indonesia

Identification: Kusumaratna-Rina


Community Empowerment With Tuberculosis Free Village/Kampong Bebas Tuberkulosis Concept in Urban City of Jakarta Indonesia

RK Kusumaratna1, ES Sinaga1, AS Nugroho2, F Rahmayanti2
1Faculty of Medicine, Universitas Trisakti,2Centre of Community Health Universitas Trisakti

Indonesia is one of the most populous countries in the world, based on National Static Bureua stated that Indonesia has a population density of 138 people / km2 while Jakarta as a capital city has density 15.938 people/km2. Apart from the dense population of  Jakarta, there are other problems in Jakarta as a metropolitan city which is a destination for population mobility, both permanent and non-permanent mobility (commuter and circular). Based on data from the WHO Global Tuberculosis Report (2019), Indonesia is known as the third highest burden of tuberculosis (TBC) in the world after India and China. It is also an incomplete problem of one infectious diseases in urban city of Jakarta. In 2018, based on national data estimated 845,000 people illness and 93,000 died from tuberculosis. Facing those condition, our President Joko Widodo with his Nawa Cita’s National Development Plan target it that by 2030 Indonesia should be free from tuberculosis, by take approaching on a family and community health. To overcome this need, it stated that should develop a joint commitment based on territorial/regional approach, community based and also develop community participation. The regional approach is considered due to 64% of villages in Indonesia are very under-developed and under-developed villages, this situation is very vulnerable and requires an affirmative, special and non-uniform policy approach due to the complexity of the problems to faced.
One of our study areas was in the Pejaten Timur village at the urban area of Jakarta city,  in 2019 there were 26 people screened with BTA positive. In this village-level area with certain criteria, together with public health centre team, we developed Tuberculosis Free village / Kampong Bebas Tuberkulosis concept as a pilot area. At the village, we developed a collaborating on an integrated tuberculosis prevention and control program with an effort to improve a quality of life of the community, to make them and family free from tuberculosis. We educated programme on implemented an active discovery strategies by tuberculosis care cadres and a massive approach to families who come to TB-free villages to conduct an early screening at the beginning of the month and they will get an information about tuberculosis at TB-free village / Kampong Bebas Tuberkulosis. Keys to success implemented  of concept on Tuberculosis Free Village / Kampong Bebas Tuberkulosis, there should be has support and commitment from the community on the local area, additionally important is support and motivation from all community participation to successful implementation towards Tuberculosis Free Village. By them, from them and to them.
Keywords: Tuberculosis, Strategies, Free Village, Jakarta Indonesia



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