Community Health Officer

Identification: Iddrisu-Ahamed


PRIMARY INSTITUTION: Global Sustainable Development Program NGO Ghana
Global Sustainable Development Program NGO Ghana .CO APPLICANTS: 1. Ahamed Iddrisu male 2. Nawaratu Iddrisu Female 3. Hamidatu Iddrisu Female.

 THE Asthma: New Discoveries and Therapies in the Age of COVID; The topic is timely and urgent given the recent mechanistic insights into inflammatory airway disease, the current maturation of new biological therapies for this type of disease, and the overlap of this information with progressive lung disease after respiratory viral infections, including COVID-19. A new coronavirus (severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2; SARS-CoV-2) there are still no specific treatments or effective vaccines for coronavirus. Asthma was identified in 10.5% of all of the patients 13.5% in patients aged.
 Asthma: New Discoveries and Therapies.Moreover, this disease spectrum overlaps with inflammatory lung disease driven by respiratory viral infection, including COVID-19. Outcomes and Laboratory and Clinical Findings of Individual susceptibility and clinical outcome of Covid-19 are Outcomes and Laboratory and Clinical Findings of Asthma and Allergic Patients Admitted with Covid-19. This new pathogen was identified as an enveloped RNA.. Since all these drug therapies could be related to age.
Science Daily source of the latest research news Antibiotic Exposure in Children Under Age 2 Associated with Chronic Conditions. Nov. 16, 2020 — Children under age 2 who take antibiotics are at greater risk for childhood-onset asthma, respiratory allergies, eczema, celiac disease, obesity and Parasitic Worms Offer 'the Missing Link' on the Dual Nature of a Key Immune Regulator. Nov. 13, 2020 — By studying two models of parasite infection, researchers filled in crucial gaps about the activity of the signaling molecule IL-33 that is critical. Follow Your Gut: How Farms Protect from Childhood Asthma. Nov. 2, 2020 — Asthma impacts millions of children already at a young age. Children growing up on a farm have a lower risk of developing asthma than children not living on a farm. The mechanisms behind this Steroid Inhalers/pills for Asthma Linked to Heightened Risk of Brittle Bones and Fractures Oct. 20, 2020 — Taking steroid inhalers or tablets to treat asthma or control flare-ups is linked to a heightened risk of brittle bones (osteoporosis).
Heat Has Stronger Effect on Health in Less Developed Cities, Study Finds
Oct. 8, 2020 — Compared to high income cities, less developed cities in Brazil have a higher hospitalization rate associated with increased heat exposure, according to a new ...
Asthma Patients Given Risky Levels of Steroid Tablets
Sep. 13, 2020 — More than one quarter of asthma patients have been prescribed potentially dangerous amounts of steroid tablets, with researchers warning this puts them at greater risk of serious ...
Bronchitis as a Child Predicts Worse Lung Health in Middle Age
Sep. 4, 2020 — People who had bronchitis at least once before the age of seven are more likely to develop lung problems in later life, according to new research. However, the lung diseases they suffer from
Exposure to Cadmium in the Womb Linked to Childhood Asthma and Allergies
Sep. 2, 2020 — Babies born with higher levels of cadmium in their umbilical cord blood may be more likely to develop childhood asthma and allergies, according to new
Antibody Blockade Effective in Treatment of Severe COVID-19
Aug. 31, 2020 — Researchers find an overlap in the pathogenesis of cytokine release syndrome and COVID-19, and show that the symptoms of both can be alleviated by IL-6 signaling
Asthma May Not Be a Significant Risk Factor for Severe COVID-19
Aug. 31, 2020 — New research examines whether asthma is a significant risk factor for developing COVID-19 that is severe enough to warrant hospitalization and ...
Compared to Placebo, Vitamin D Has No Benefit for Severe Asthma Attacks, Study Finds
Aug. 25, 2020 — Contrary to earlier observational results, vitamin D supplements do not prevent severe asthma attacks in at-risk children, according to the first placebo-controlled clinical trial to test this ...
Electronic Alert Reduces Excessive Prescribing of Short-Acting Asthma Relievers
Aug. 23, 2020 — An automatic, electronic alert on general practitioners' computer screens can help to prevent excessive prescribing of short-acting asthma reliever medication, according to new ...
Air Pollution Linked to Higher Risk of Young Children Developing Asthma
Aug. 19, 2020 — Children exposed to higher levels of fine particles in the air (known as PM2.5) are more likely to develop asthma and persistent wheezing than children who are not exposed, finds a new ...
Protein Produced by the Nervous System May Help Treatments for Inflammatory Diseases
Aug. 17, 2020 — Researchers have discovered a protein produced by nervous system may be key to treating inflammatory diseases like asthma, allergies, chronic fibrosis and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
Pregnant Mother's Immunity Tied to Behavioral, Emotional Challenges for Kids With Autism
Aug. 14, 2020 — Children with autism born to mothers who had immune conditions during their pregnancy are more likely to have behavioral and PRIMARY INSTITUTION: Ministry of Health/Ghana Health Service/ Global Sustainable Development Program NGO Ghana
Global Sustainable Development Program NGO Ghana .CO APPLICANTS: 1. Ahamed Iddrisu male 2. Nawaratu Iddrisu Female 3. Hamidatu Iddrisu Female.   emotional problems, a new study has found. Offspring sex may also interact 



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